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“The current technological era is more demanding than anything over the last century, and we believe that it is critical to invest in our future generations.”

Jorge Lopez

Our society’s ever-growing dependency on technology has created the greatest demand for innovation in more than a century. I founded Jalasoft more than 10 years ago to meet that demand.

From the software solutions we create to the engineers we hire, train, and provide for our clients, Jalasoft is at the forefront of technological innovation

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new industry in Bolivia

From Silicon Valley USA to the Silicon Mountains of South America

Jala Foundation

With a mission to foster information technology (IT), education, and development, the Jala Foundation offers modern, in-depth training to anyone in Bolivia—without discriminating on the basis of beliefs, political affinity, or socio-economic level. Most of its programs and projects also offer financial aid to ensure anyone who desires an education can achieve one.

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Our history and legacy

1998 - 2000
SIlicon Valley, We have a problem
Our Founder Future Founder Jorge Lopez leaves development job at Adobe. Jorge becomes a consult at NetIQ
Silicon Valley, We have a Problem Tech boom creates workforce crisis in Silicon Valley. Jorge proposes South American engineers to meet the demand.
Leap of Faith to South America US leadership not convinced, so Jorge travels to Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia to search for his dream team.
South America, the Solution
The Search Jorge initiates a hiring campaign for Quality Assurance in Cochabamba, Bolivia. 300 CVs arrive, he chooses 6. The team is given six months to prove to NetIQ it can do the job.
The Test Six months later, NetIQ recognizes the value and commitment of the Bolivian engineer, and Jalasoft is officially born.
2002 - 2007
Building The Foundation: Hire, Train, Staff, Repeat.
First Boot Camp Training being essential, Jorge initiates multi-month training programs (aka bootcamp).
Net IQ's Growth Commitment to Jalasoft increases with over XXX hires by EOY. At its peak, NetIQ would go on to employ over 120 engineers across multiple teams.
Jalasoft Industries Jala Industries is born out of necessity as we import/build all that is necessary to run a software engineering business (e.g. generators, desktops, screens, cabling, etc.).
Xian Network Manager Jorge realizes the value of original product to company’s growth. Begins work on Xian Network Manager which releases in 2005.
QA and Development Engineering disciplines formally expand from Quality Assurance to include Development.
XXX Engineers in 2007 Employing nearly 100 engineers at the close of 2007, Jalasoft begins to expand its client base beyond NetIQ based largely on word of mouth and the rapidly expanding expertise and adaptability of our engineers.
2008 - 2010
Foundation Established
Jalasoft Foundation Jalasoft Foundation is established. Improving on our boot camps, Foundation is a year-round training facility for incoming talent and continuous education opportunities for all Jalasoft employees.
Constructing Jala HQ Jalasoft breaks ground on the present day headquarters in Cochabamba. The state of the art facility is to open with an onsite (at-cost) cafeteria, workout facilities, gaming center, yoga room, classrooms and more. Highly progressive for its time and location.
TechZone Created as the first of its kind all-engineer driven technology conference with goals to share the latest trends in Technology, speak to the evolution of the Software Industry and promote the adoption of technology in the region through ideas and innovative action. Today, it is the most important technology event in the country gathering professionals, students and companies from the region.
2011 - 2016
Spearheading the future
Jalasoft HQ Covering a little over 6 acres of urban landscape, Jalasoft HQ is completed. It is one of its kind in the region and symbolizes our leadership in the Bolivian tech industry we created – We want the world to see and celebrate what we have accomplished and that we are here to stay.
Jalasoft Foundation Expands Our Foundation expands it training reach beyond Jalasoft. It adds a certified IT Academy that offers specialized education and certification programs to the community.
JaqueMate In partnership with Khan Academy, JaqueMate is launched in Bolivia with a goal to provide a world class, free education for anyone, anywhere. Based on a personalized learning experience touching logic, mathematics and technology, we begin changing the lives of middle and high school age children all across Bolivia. Expectations to impact additional countries in 2019.
Bolivian Incubator Research Programs formalize at Jalasoft to drive experience in new fields of study, emerging technology and commerce. These programs become a rout to both an unbounded exploration of ideas and a chance for engineers to promote their own products. It is the ground floor of what will become our own Bolivian incubator.
2017 - 2018
Sustainable growth
La Paz Expansion Jalasoft expands to La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. Quickly, we hire, train and staff 40+ engineers with sustainable programs in place to ensure quality of deliverable, continuous education and sustainable growth.
Girl Power GP4T (Girl Power for Technology) self-organizes from a small group at TechZone and begins to impact hundreds of lives in the region through technology workshops, hackathons, weekend coding dojos, specialized training and vision casting. They are captivating and powerful in purpose – and they are just getting started.
2019 - Present Day
Connecting the Andes
Touchdown in Colombia Jalasoft Colombia is founded on May 1, 2019 to integrate our Bolivian technology powerhouse with the established, innovative tech scene in Medellin, Colombia. It is going to be legendary!
1000 Employees Jalasoft Bolivia reaches 1,000 employees and growing.

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